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Beauty is Only Skin Deep.

Why are Copper Bella products so different? How are they made?

Copper Bella’s unmatched beauty comes from a fine layer of copper attached to the surface with a proprietary chemistry specifically developed for the base resin. The bond has shown excellent results surpassing all expectations in the initial testing to plateable grade plastics which are formulated especially for the electroplating process. Because Copper Bella products are injection molded, they are inherently scratch and dent resistant and absent of unattractive rivets, warps, kinks and solder. The injection mold process also allows us to add intricate forms and decorative features that are very costly in sheet metal.

Copper Bella products are also strong and durable. The sturdiness of the product is in the base structure; an engineered thermoplastic created by BASF specifically to combat cold weather embrittlement and UV degradation, both common problems in most plastics exposed to the elements. And unlike handcrafted copper products, Copper Bella mass-produces our products keeping the cost low. This also allows us to keep in-stock inventory so you have what you need when you need it. And because they are lightweight, they cost less to ship and are easier to install.

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